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Education Business Partnership (EBP) Walsall develops and then delivers a wide range of innovative work related learning activities for young people in primary and secondary education, bringing teaching staff and employers together to support and raise pupils’ aspirations.
We are currently working with 34 schools and more than 100 local and regional businesses, where we help young people to develop employability and life skills that are vital if they are to make the transition from learning to working life.
We offer a personalised package tailored to each school’s needs, brokered by our schools coordinators.

Why choose us?

Walsall was the first Education Business Partnership in the country to be given the award for Education Business Excellence (aebe), and has long been recognised as one of the best in the field of enterprise and career delivery.
Working in partnership with business professionals, teachers and students, our aim is to inform, motivate and inspire young people at all levels by developing their employability skills.

We do this through activities designed to improve:

  • self-management
  • team working,
  • business and customer awareness
  • problem solving
  • communication
  • numeracy
  • information application
  • technology

And it is not only the students who benefit, the feedback we regularly receive demonstrates that there are a number of advantages to working with the Education Business Partnership:

The advantages to schools working with business include:

  • A better understanding by students and teachers about working within different industries.
  • Opportunities for work experience and practical application of skills within a business context
  • Opportunities for teaching staff to develop courses around “real life” situations that reflect current working practices.
  • Introducing students to potential future employers

The advantages to business working with schools include:

  • Opportunities for staff to develop presentation and interviewing skills
  • Opportunity to provide personal development for staff
  • The ability to contribute and be involved within the local community and fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility and brand marketing
  • Identifying training needs within the organisation
  • Attracts good recruits through improved company reputation
  • Varied Networking opportunities

Looking Forward

As we move forward the education and business worlds will continue to face significant challenges and these will be reflected in the programmes that Education Business Partnership Walsall will develop and deliver. Our objective will persist, to provide aspirational, motivational and engaging activities that help young people relate learning to the world of work.

Don’t take our word for it

Quotes from Business Supporters

“Walsall EBP is an invaluable resource to school”

“I see the difference EBP makes to the students and the confidence it gives them. They gain confidence and learn more abut themselves and what they are capable of. The EBP should continue with the hard work it is obvious it is making a difference”

“When I was in school we didn’t get the opportunities the EBP provide. I support the EBP to share my experiences with young people”

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Much of the work we do is tailored to fit the curriculum needs and challenges of individual schools.
To find out how your school could benefit from working with Education Business Partnership Walsall contact:

Richard Farmer
01922 424200