Payroll and Pensions

sos-payrollOur service offers a complete payroll and pension administration function in full compliance with all legislation in force including Tax office RTI (Real Time Information) and pension auto enrolment regulations which were introduced from the 1st October 2012.

As part of the service we will process employee data from gross to net pay, reconcile and submit both monthly and year end pension returns to both Local Government Pension scheme and Teacher’s Pension scheme and submit all of the required HMRC tax and NI data. Payroll and pensions processing takes into account all employee terms and conditions and rates of pay, and is completed in line with all current legislation requirements.

For academies and external customers we will work with the customer once the pensions staging date has been notified in order to ensure the legislative requirements are met.

We have extensive experience and draw upon a wide range of professional skills to provide an excellent payroll and pension service delivered by highly committed advisors with many years of proven experience and we are able to advise on a wide range of payroll, pension and tax enquiries.

We also offer a BACS bureau service in order to ensure your employees are paid promptly and with the minimum of fuss. A payment file is completed as part of the payroll calculation process and is automatically submitted for payment to employees, court orders and other payroll deductions as required.

Upon request, we can provide calculations for redundancy payments and early retirement pension benefits.

Our service provides two options depending on your preference, both services offer an enhanced payroll, pensions and recruitment service, the cost will depend upon your method of submission for temporary input and is based on your employee count as of April of that year;

  • Option 1 – Manual submission of data (temporary input) to named payroll advisor incurs costs applicable for two nominal employees in primary & special schools and four nominal employees in secondary schools.
  • Option 2 – Electronic submission of data input via secure webmail. This option does not incur a cost for nominal employees

For further information on our pricing, existing customers can visit Walsall Link. New customers can obtain information  by contacting the team on 01922 655683 or