Clerking Service – Admissions Appeals

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The council will provide schools / academies with a high quality clerking, advice and support service to manage submissions appeals held throughout the year.

The service will:-

  • Provide impartial independent advice to schools / academies on the appeal process as necessary
  • Provide impartial independent advice to parents on the appeal process before, during and after the appeal as appropriate
  • Arrange Panels / Chairs, carry out administrative functions, attend hearings and provide impartial independent advice to the Panel and ensure the conduct of the Panel hearing complies with the Appeal Code.
  • Record the proceedings, attendance, voting outcomes and panel decisions and retain papers as necessary in the event they are required for disclosure.
  • Notify all parties of the panel’s decision in writing.
  • Respond to allegations of maladministration being investigated by the Local Government Ombudsman; reviews by the Secretary of State, or applications for judicial review, in so far as they relate to the matters referred to above.
  • Arrange hearing dates and venues [if available] in consultation with schools / academies and allocate members from the pool to panels (external venue costs will need to be met separately by schools / academies).
  • Serve written notice of the appeal hearing date on parents with all the necessary supporting documents.
  • Arrange for interpreting and signing services for parents as necessary (costs of services will need to be met separately by the school / academy)
  • Arrange for legal representation for the panel where a parent is legally represented (cost of legal representation will need to be met separately by schools / academies). Schools / academies can provide their own legal representation if they wish.
  • Send out agenda and supporting documents to the appellants, presenting officer and panel members.

Why choose us?

In order to ensure this service is both effective and efficient, service standards by which the school / academy purchasing the service and the council agree to abide by during the period of the agreement are as set out below:-
During the period of the agreement period the service will:-

  • Provide a fully trained and experienced Panel Administrator / Clerk.
  • Perform clerking services in a proper, skilful and competent manner, to the reasonable satisfaction of the school / academy.
  • Provide access to a pool of trained appeal panel Chairs and members.
  • Negotiate dates for the hearings that are mutually agreeable to the council and the school / academy.

What is expected from the school/academy

During the agreement period the school/academy will:-

  • Operate within the Admissions Code of Practice
  • Follow their published admission criteria
  • Provide the council with all relevant documentation in a timely manner and in accordance with the Appeal Code of Practice.
  • Provide a representative at all hearings (the school/academy to be represented by the presenting officer).
  • Negotiate dates for the hearings that are mutually agreeable to the council and the school/academy.

cost Costs

During the 2014/15 academic year the school/academy will be charged for the service provided following the appeal :
1 – 2 appeals in 12 months
£125 each
3 – 10 appeals
£100 each
11+ appeals
£75 each

The cost will include preparation and formulating decision letters, accommodation for hearing, printing, light refreshments for Panel Members.
Charges to the school / academy include all salary payments to clerks, car mileage expenses, and postage and administration costs.

Costs excluded:-

Any legal advice or representation
Any interpreting services required
The cost of hiring external venues unless using the Civic Suite at Walsall
Additional services will be agreed in advance and charged for following the appeal hearing.

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For an informal discussion about this service please contact:

Glenys Ensor
Democratic Services
01922 654367