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Untitled-5The Children’s Workforce Development team lays under the umbrella of The Academy of Social Work and Early Intervention. The Academy was officially launched in March 2017 and aims to promote reflect and respond to local and national social care issues and initiatives. The Academy is a virtual concept that brings together all aspects of learning and workforce development for Children’s Services.
On behalf of Walsall Council, we act as an appropriate body (AB), independent quality assurance of statutory induction for the newly qualified teachers (NQTs).


Why choose us?

In Walsall we pride ourselves with the quality of leadership and aim to develop leaders for the future, encouraging schools to have a succession plan and develop quality leader. The team works in partnership with teaching schools, sector leaders, Regional Providers of Assessment (RPA) and specialist staff in the development, delivery of all aspects of learning and teaching, CPD, career progression, management and leadership for teaching and non-teaching staff.
Our NQT Induction programme has an excellent track record of completion that is supported by the School Improvement team. Robust Quality Assurance Systems are in place to ensure both schools and NQT have a successful, supported induction year that exceeds recommended standards.


Don’t take our word for it

“It was a fantastic, eye opening course!” – Self Assessment – Self Development

“Excellent course – very useful” – Practical Strategies for Assessment for Learning in the Classroom for NQT

“I thought this was very helpful in highlighting and making me reflects on my planning, teaching and assessment strategies” – Practical Strategies for Assessment for Learning in the Classroom for NQT

“Useful strategies to use that also help all other children” – Supporting the Education of Looked After Children

“A clearer focus of our roles within school and a tool to identify the way forward” – Preparing to be a Deputy Head


Our Offer

We also offer a range of specialist training for teaching and non-teaching staff at schools to increase their impact through advanced skills. These include:

  • NQT statutory induction registration and assessment
  • NQT (newly qualified teacher) professional development
  • HLTA Preparation for Assessment (2 days)
  • HLTA Assessment Moderation
  • Level 4 Leadership Qualification
  • The Diploma in School Business Management (SBM)
  • In addition, we offer more specialist training which enhances the skills of both social workers and teachers from all phases.


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Phone: 01922 650715